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Chateaux on a budget

A former monastery in an isolated valley below the Pyrenees, Les Fontaines d'Escot has been a haven for travellers for more than 600 years.

Wunderbar! The best of Germany

Leipzig is fast catching Berlin as a setting for innovative arts, particularly the city's Baumwollspinnerei (, a former factory that now hosts dozens of eclectic galleries and artists' studios.

What Fergus Henderson did next…

When is a hotel not a hotel? When it's built by a pair of restaurateurs who have made their name preaching the joys of offal, the glory of chitterlings, the meaty delights of pig cheeks and lambs' brains.

Concorde, Queen Elizabeth 2, Orient-Express

Orient Express

When I was 19 and impressionable, I decided this was my travel holy trinity. I imagined I would take the QE2 from New York to Southhampton, hop on the Orient-Express whilst in Europe, then fly Concorde home.

Your Flight Is Now Closed

BCN 2006a Christian Großekathöfer

Have you ever missed a flight? I have, more than once, and for all sorts of reasons. Cutting it too close, actually stuck in traffic, WWII bomb next to the runway, delayed trains, and best of all, because I mistook the arrival time for the departure time and promptly arrived at the airport as the flight was closing.



Bob Crow

The day my mum 'had a go' at Bob Crow

I've never agreed with Bob Crow's politics, and was certainly not a supporter of his attempts to grind London to a halt in order to improve his union's negotiating position. I am, however, saddened by his death.