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Fine Dining In A Cave

Cave Header

The Summer Cave restaurant in Italy is hailed as one of the most romantic places to dine in the world by the Fodor's Travel Guides.

The Modern B&B

Bed Header

With the great success of private home and flat vacation rentals online, it should be no surprise that people are now renting rooms this way.

Aiming For Easier Travel

Precise 880 22 Caliber Starter Gun

Yes, it's true. A travel suggestion appeared in yesterday's New York Times Travel section to pack an unloaded and locked gun (ok, starter pistol) inside your checked luggage to ensure it never gets lost. (In their defense, it did come with the warning: "Don't even think of trying this on international flights.")

SoCal: A Parody of Itself

1964 Chevrolet Impala Lowrider Magazine

A dozen years ago, I travelled to LA every other month for work. Then 10 years passed without a trip. Had it always been so ridiculous? And had it always been so much about the cars?

Michelin Stars, For Lunch And By Train

Food Header has put together this amazingly detailed list of Michelin-starred restaurants around the UK, all accessible by train so you can enjoy a glass of wine, and not use your Michelin map to get home.

Next Stop: Tummy Tuck

Bikini Lauri Koski

When we were in our early 20s, my girlfriend and I joked that once we were done having kids, we would travel to a remote island and get ourselves totally redone. Little did we know we were at the forefront of the very established thing called medical tourism.


Hedgie Hangs at Duke's

Tucked away in a cosy nook in St James, Duke’s Hotel is the kind of place favoured by well-heeled, established citizens of the world - people who have effortless social graces and know how to hold a good conversation.

Ms R Takes a Long Bath in Cyprus

The bath was a deep, inviting stone affair. With the exception of two bottles of bubbles I was alone, reflecting on the randomness of life: sometimes you have the man but not the bath. I had the bath but not the men.

Il Borro Room

The Hidden Magic of Il Borro

Tucked away in the ever-wonderful hills of Tuscany is an amazing place. Unless someone tells you, you’d never see this old Borgo, a village perfectly restored without any of the kitsch of over-restoring.