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Sounding Off in 2008

Oxford Street Bus - Andy Colthart

Lest you think 2008 was only about the crunch, let us remind ourselves that a little bit of life also took place. The shocks of birth, the perils of street crossing, the truth about tipping, and an safe way to rebel. Against your sat nav.

Black Banking Magic

Black Skull - Daniel Perry

I’ve grappled with whether or not I should reveal one of the City’s spookiest, most scandalous secrets.  Savvy bankers learn it early in their careers, when the most promising are pulled aside and taught how to trade with 'smoke and mirrors'.

DKIB: Another Former Employer Gone

It is hard not to be a little sad when a former employer unceremoniously goes under. It is a little like former girlfriends getting married: You didn't want to keep them, but you don't necessarily want somebody else to get them either.