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Jostling With the Jobless at the Gym

In the Gym - Matt Williams

One of the first things to go, in my post-redundancy existence, were my multiple gym memberships - one had inspirational instructors, a spa, pool and a really good masseuse called David.

Bonus For Failur

Today in the City - Thomas Balzer

Snapped today in the City, a note from someone who wandered our streets over the holiday weekend. But hey, it's written in chalk and spelled incorrectly, so...

Fear and Loathing in the Square Mile

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

I loathe venturing into the Square Mile these days. I spend the whole time furtively glancing around like a fugitive on the run - worrying I might bump into a soon-to-be ex colleague.

The Remuneration Revolution Wants You

Inside With No Fear - Celia Martinez Bravo

If there’s ever been a call to arms in the history of this website, now is the time. For teachers, doctors, laid-off bankers and anyone who flies economy in this economy, this is our moment of truth!

Prayer Lost in a Snowstorm

Susan's Snow Angel - Debbie Schiel

Just before the snow started falling last week, a story hit the BBC news screens about a nurse who had been disciplined by her local health authority. She had offered to pray for one of her sick patients.

Are We All Just Big Babies?

Little Giraffe - Bonvivant

Today I hosted a play date for my 10-month-old and her pals - her diary is infinitely more diverse than mine these days. I’m not sure whether she learnt any new tricks (other than endorsing her status as queen bee of her own play mat) but what I learnt is that to covet is nature, not nurture.

London is For Life, Not Just For Christmas

Oxford St Lights - Andy Colthart

Now that the holidays are over, it is impossible not to feel somewhat annoyed at all the Christmas advertisements. Images of Kate Moss telling us to "Get the London Look" and Marks and Spencer's gastro-pornographic half-priced wild Alaskan salmon, plastered in festive sparkle.

The Fat Cat Confessional

St Paul's - Thomas Balzer

Last year, the City witnessed the dramatic end of the Gilded Age, where both entitlement and corruption were the emblems of power. It’s time for reflection, and time for redemption. But before we start afresh in 2009, I feel we’re missing something from the City’s most powerful who caused this financial mess. It’s called remorse.



B&W Courtroom

Crying, Sobbing, Retching

May it please the reader: The question before us — the only question before us — is the histrionics. The meaning of the histrionics. We are not concerned here with the guilt or innocence, as such, of Mr. Pistorius.