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Was it for this? Ireland's premier paper dares to tell it as it is

Consider first today's national newspaper headlines: €90bn Irish bailout ends in turmoil (The Guardian), Fear stalks the eurozone as Ireland faces ruin (The Times), British banks hit as Irish bail-out falters (Daily Telegraph), A political storm breaks over Ireland (The Independent), and Britain pays out as Ireland implodes (Daily Mail).

The view from a broad: Kate Middleton's hair ... and heirs

✤ Oh joy and sweet hurrah! We have a new princess to play with! Yes, I'm sure I speak for women everywhere when I say that this is Not Before Time – after all, we've had to spend the last decade making do with pretend princesses, such as Paris Hilton and Jennifer Aniston and Aung San Suu Kyi, and now we have the real thing.

London week ahead: houses, buses and boats

Discord continues to reign over the forthcoming housing benefit reductions, with politicians quarreling about the scale of their impact on the capital, everyone disputing everyone else's statistics and Boris sticking to his line that he's sticking up for Londoners.