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11 Perfectly Timed Photos


Eleven of our favourite photographs from the extremely funny website Perfect to accompany your morning coffee.

Corporate or Creative?

Which Way Cheryl Scott

It seems like my friends are in collective career crisis mode. At dinner tables, in bars, even at office drinks, there is a recurring topic of conversation: is this the right job for me? If not, what is?

An Olympic-Sized Pain

Swimmer 2 WebDesignByJason Com

When I got the Olympic ticket brochure a few month ago, I was extremely excited about the events I would see. I imagined myself watching swimming in the beautifully designed pool, enjoying the graceful gymnastics, and being in the Velodrome marveling at the speed of the cyclists.

My Best Friend

To Say Goodbye Elke Oerter the loveliest, most elegantly turned out woman. She’s been offered, and has accepted, the most amazing job opportunity, and to top it all off is getting married to the love of her life. And now she is leaving London.