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Jan-Jaap and Rachid

Christmas Phone

Except for the black guy and the Chinese girl at the Benetton-style-recruitment brochures (where are they now?) the only non white Dutch people you see at big law firms are de Zwarte Pieten.

Who's Done What at the Office Party

Xmas Night Igor Giamoniano

We know what we've done: drank, gushed, kissed, regretted (more or less in that order). And then done it again. But a new survey says that only one in five Brits has kissed someone at an office party. Could that be right?

The Grateful Hangover

The Last Drop

I occasionally have a hangover that makes me feel warm and fuzzy, and appreciative of everything I have in life. What's the deal with that? Don't get me wrong, I'm always grateful when I have one. But it's strange.

London 2012

Olympic Header

Graphic designer, Sarah Hyndman, is creating one Olympic logo a day until the events kick of in late July next year.

Copying the Boss

Email Simon Stratford

"Could you please provide me with a memo on the steel manufacturers in Uzbekistan?" My colleague needs information for a deal he is working on and he obviously thinks I have time on my hands.

Banker Pushes Back - 'I Am The 1%'

Sunset Janusz Gawron

With 'Occupy' protesters showing up in parks here, there and everywhere, I started to wonder who their worst enemy - the 1% - actually was. As I discovered, the 1% was me, and most of the people I know.