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Good On You, Summly Teen Founder

Summly Screenshot

It's impossible not to love this story: a Wimbledon teenager who released a newsreader app called Summly in November of last year just sold it to Yahoo for £18. (Or maybe as much as £40.)

Survivor Recalls Dachau, Where SS Terror Began 80 Years Ago


Max Mannheimer will never forget the words of his block leader when he entered the gates of Dachau concentration camp on 6 August 1944. "You're veterans at this by now," said the prisoner, a communist. "You know that the most important thing is not to draw attention to yourselves if you want to survive."

Who's Making My Sandwich?

Sandwich Robert Walker

Oh, right, I am. Because I'm in the Sandwich Generation, and today, I'm kind of annoyed by it, so I'm putting extra Russian Dressing on my Ruben. (Half corned beef and half pastrami, grilled and not microwaved).

Girl Power in Afganistan


Sometime ago I was offered an opportunity to go to Afghanistan for work. With the financial crisis in full swing, and riots breaking out in London, I really didn’t see any reason not to.



kid jumping

Should I let my child take more risks?

Play such as jumping from a height or letting a child get lost contributes to self-esteem and can reduce the risks they take as adolescents – and avoids a sedentary lifestyle, which can lead to obesity and chronic disease