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Father Christmas in Summer

Father Christmas In Green

Father Christmas? — ‘Ye-e-s. How may I serve you?’ — Well, we were wondering…. We have an online discussion every day on various subjects, and we thought if you have time in your off-season, we might ask you to be honorary host of a question-and-answer session on summer. A ‘summer Q&A,’ as it were.

How to handle the heat (with science)


Many are reporting that this weekend could see a heatwave in the UK. But wherever and whenever they are, intelligent humans have developed ways to cool down, some of which are more drastic than others


Old Scooter Andrea Kratzenberg

Bike It Or Not

A few year ago before Boris et al made it fashionable, I cycled to work from leafy South West London to the office just north west of Tower Bridge. Now, I’m not anti-cyclist, in fact some of my best friends are cyclists, but there are a few things you should be aware of.