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The Fat Cat Confessional

St Paul's - Thomas Balzer

Last year, the City witnessed the dramatic end of the Gilded Age, where both entitlement and corruption were the emblems of power. It’s time for reflection, and time for redemption. But before we start afresh in 2009, I feel we’re missing something from the City’s most powerful who caused this financial mess. It’s called remorse.

Zen and the Art of Sport

Woman and Duck - Kuvapankki

If there's one thing we all need more of in 2009, it's Zen in our lives. Let reader-writer MonkInTheCity help. And Peter Haines? He'll remind you of what's good in the world. Sport.

Sounding Off in 2008

Oxford Street Bus - Andy Colthart

Lest you think 2008 was only about the crunch, let us remind ourselves that a little bit of life also took place. The shocks of birth, the perils of street crossing, the truth about tipping, and an safe way to rebel. Against your sat nav.