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Angela's Murano


Dinner at Murano is an almost perfect experience: delicious Italian food served by a entirely professional - yet friendly and unpretentious - staff in a slightly sexy, calming space.

V-Day is on a Saturday

Cuba Cars - Dario Lucarini

You know what this means: dinner at your favourite fall-back occasion restaurant isn't going to cut it. Good thing we have six excellent weekend breaks to inspire you. This is one reservation you will be able to get...

Booty Call From Batman

Batman Close-Up - Richard Harvey

I’d been on a great first date with a guy I met on and I was eagerly awaiting a call from him to arrange round two.  My mobile started ringing as I arrived home at 1am after a Saturday night out...



Guaranteed to be a hit with fans of political dramas such as the West Wing, director Ron Howard’s adaptation of Peter Morgan’s stage success has Michael Sheen and Frank Langella resurrecting their respective West End and Broadway roles.



Yes, another film 'based on a true story'. I told you it was Oscar season! But it does bring out the best of Hollywood, and we see that here.

The Wrestler

The Wrestler

'Stunning', 'exemplary', and 'raw effort' are just some of the words you will hear to describe Aronofsky’s The Wrestler. In particular, it's Rourke's performance that transcends the meaning of acting into living.

Paul McKenna and the Zen Master

Paul McKenna

Zen masters throughout history are known for breaking with convention, and Zen Master DenisGenpo Roshi, a practitioner for almost 40 years, is no exception. He'll be coming to London this weekend as part of the Big Mind, Big Heart Weekend Workshop with guest Paul McKenna.