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The Extended Notice Period

Calendar - Pawel Kryj

I am finally counting down my last two weeks of the last 12 years of my life in the financial services. Being on an extended six-month notice period has its pros and cons.

Dude Ranches Get Luxurious

Wildcatter Ranch & Spa

Far removed from the traditional working ranch, wanna-be wranglers with a penchant for the finer things in life can partake in a wider range of activities than simply rounding up the cattle. Saddle up and check out this different kind of holiday.

Styling a Post-City Life

Emyr Thomas

Is it possible to maintain a fabulous lifestyle while working in the City? Emyr Thomas didn't think so, and left the Square Mile to start Bon Vivant, a lifestyle management and concierge service. He tells us how his new life came about - and where we should really be going for after-work drinks.

Bye-Bye Banking

To Say Goodbye - Elke Oerter

To pay my last respects to the eight years of my life dedicated to the altar of investment banking, I ventured one last time to my old office. 

Bargain Hunting at the Royal Exchange

Paul Smith Stripes

Yesterday I ran errands at the Royal Exchange. Travel-sized Jo Malone Perfume for me (not a bargain), Tiffany charm for a new baby (definitely not a bargain). Then, walking past the afternoon coffee (not Champagne) clutch, I noticed the Paul Smith Sale Store.

NY Posts: Alternative Medicine

123 - Blazej Pachut

Another long week at work and I was pretty fed up with formulating net capital ratios, analyzing P&L statements and calculating haircuts. It would be a joy to work with hair at this point.

The Desperate Bankers Club

Aubergine - Chelsea

Suddenly we had unlimited free time - no meetings, no planes, no budgets. Hadn’t we said, so many times, “If only I had the time, I would...”? Well, now we actually could, and there was no boss or client to blame on a bad day, not even the Tube.