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Kay Starr obituary

Kay Starr at The Follies

In the pre-rock’n’roll era, popular vocalists often flirted with jazz. Many grew up surrounded by the music of the big bands and felt at home with jazz phrasing. Some, like Kay Starr, who has died aged 94, performed and recorded with jazz musicians before finding wider success with pop songs and novelties.


The Truth About Dating Traders

The fixation with dating a trader, I believe, is disillusioning to the countless girls obsessed with bagging one, and causes me to wonder: how much do the predators really know about their prey?

Drinking Your Way from Wharf to City

While the DLR might be the quicker and more efficient way to get from Canary Wharf into the City, the current outbreak of summer lends itself to taking a more leisurely route: walk from Canary Wharf to the City and you are never far from a beautiful riverside drinking hole.