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"You're Beautiful; You're Hired!"

Abercrombie & Fitch

This morning I stumbled upon the real-life set of The O.C. nestled in the deepest recesses of shopping mecca, aka The West End. Or so it appeared.

Where Are All the City Girls?

Numbers Business - Hilde Vanstraelen

A quick look around any trading floor will confirm there is a serious shortage of females working in the City’s investment banks - save the sexed-up secretaries, of course.

Dust Off Your Mask

Masks - Nico1

On Friday 14th August, six colleagues at a certain professional services firm at More London Place will see their hard work pay off when the doors of Gibson Hall open on their summer charity ball. Tickets are still available, and at £60 a pop, offer a good deal for you - and for The Prince's Trust.

The Truth About Dating Traders

Wearing a Suit - rubenshito

The fixation with dating a trader, I believe, is disillusioning to the countless girls obsessed with bagging one, and causes me to wonder: how much do the predators really know about their prey?

Hedgie Hangs at Duke's

Tucked away in a cosy nook in St James, Duke’s Hotel is the kind of place favoured by well-heeled, established citizens of the world - people who have effortless social graces and know how to hold a good conversation.