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My Network's Not Working

IM_C 3 - Daniel Wildman

Over the years I have worked with some really great people, and I have always tried to stay in contact with them. Originally it was out of friendship, to see how they're doing. But lately I've been using these ex-colleagues as leads to jobs. 

The Recession Diet

Cakes and Pies - Samuel Rosa

Three weeks of feasting on delicious (read: fattening, carb-laden, coconut milk-based) food in Singapore and Penang contributed two kilos of excess body baggage upon my return. This is not a surprise, nor is it unexpected.

All Hail Jerusalem

Jerusalem is, without doubt, the most powerful, poetic, stimulating piece of theatre I have seen all year. Amazing staging, superb acting by a very young cast, and Mark Rylance in the main role is a giant.

Separate Bedrooms: Ruin? Or Just Rest?

Bedroom Bliss - Lotus Head

It’s one of the last secrets to be confessed. Usually only when someone is staring relationship failure in the face will they whisper: "We’re in separate bedrooms". And the response tends to be shocked silence, and acknowledgement that the end really is nigh.

Resting Banker Girl and Her Mountain Men

Solis Cambrian Hotel & Spa

In summer, a girl’s natural instinct is to pack a bikini and sarong and follow those surfer boys. Given that Ms R is Australian and Resting Banker Girl (RBG) is from New Zealand this would make sense.