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The Art of Failure

Poker - Chris Withers

If there is one lesson that stands out amongst all of the things that I have had to learn over the past year and a half of starting up this business, it is, without doubt, the art of failure.

Opening the Ex-Files

Sneaky - Sean Carpenter

When a man leaves you alone in his home for the first time, what do you do? Lie in bed, watch TV, do the washing up - or have a good snoop? Let’s face it, the offhand mention of his last girlfriend has ignited your fascination.

A Week at the Airport: A Heathrow Diary

LHR's Terminal 5

When I first read Alain de Botton (The Art of Travel), I was almost jealous. It never occurred to me to write about why so many elements of travel hold such allure, such promise, and cause such deceptively seductive grass-is-greener syndrome.

The Power of Yes

The Power of Yes

There is a ripple of excitement every time a new play by David Hare is out. It's the yearning for the wise man of the left to yet again show up the devils of this world for what they really are.

Hangover Hell

Wine Bottle - Marcelo Gerpe

The problem with going out and having a good time is that sometimes you have too good a time. And the only thing worse than going to work is going to work hung-over.

A Chinese Oasis

Hakkasan London

I work in the City and I know we are a Capital in the midst of a Credit Crunch. They are two words beginning to haunt me in my sleep. But we all have to go out sometimes.

Go Into the Light

South Africa

At least the rain has stopped. But it's reminded us that summer is officially over, and we need to start planning for some winter sun.

A City on Edge

City of London by Agata Urbaniak

This time last year some of us were there. Unaware and unsuspecting, witness to the collapse of Lehman Brothers from within its mighty walls, and the aftermath that ensued.