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Nine is a Perfect Nine

Kate Hudson in Nine

The real star of Nine is not even in the film. Sure, the movie stars an Oscar-winning actor - Daniel Day-Lewis, and several Oscar-winning actresses including Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Sophia Loren, Judi Dench and Marion Cotillard. But the real star of Nine is the film's director - Rob Marshall.

The Road

The Road

When someone describes a movie as a classic, what do they really mean? That it is one of the best films of the year, or perhaps one of the best films of the decade? Does calling a film a classic mean that it is a very memorable film and that it will stand the test of time?

Christmas Dinners

First Edition of Pride and Prejudice

The title of this article suggests that it is being published way over date. It's not. Christmas Dinners are a year-round tradition in young, conservative right wing Netherlands. These formal dinners (Kerstdiners in Dutch) are arranged to hook up eligible, young men with well-bred, future desperate housewives. 

Captain Planet's Good Ideas

Some Nice Tomatoes - Alan Luckow

Let's be real - we don't actually think that being greener was one of your New Year's resolutions. But if you have a greener year, then you can have a more self-satisfied year. And that we do know is real.

Lipstick Slickers and Frilly Knickers

Myla Freida Bra

Only 45 days after Christmas, and City Boys have to trudge back out to the shops to purchase something which says 'I love you' in a very intimate way. No Henry the Hoovers this time, or you will find all your shirts in a muddy puddle on the street rather than crisply ironed and folded nicely in a scented linen basket.

Sex - A British Obsession?

Banging Beetles - Konrad Mostert

There is no doubt that we have a national obsession with the sexual indiscretions of others. Newspapers and magazines dedicate hundreds of column inches each week to the predilections of our leaders or their wives, 'celebs', and sportsmen.

The 'Burbs

The American Dream - Roma Flowers

In a disillusioned phase of thinking my writing might, could or would be published one day, I rather vainly penned my brief memoirs of that lifetime ago I spent cavorting in the City.

I Do, I Do!

Wedding 2 - bea29sm -

A marriage of convenience is not only a thing from the past or religious families. Our friends also seem to marry on less than pure, love-inspired, motives. 

Leaving London - An Easy Decision

City of London - Agata Urbaniak

When I decided to leave London a few months ago, I thought it was going to be a lot harder. But after having just spent two weeks in my future hometown of Newport Beach, I am starting to realise that London is making it pretty easy for me.