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Shoreditch House

Shoreditch House's Rooftop Pool

If there was a premier league of bars and clubs, then the mighty Soho House group would always be at - or near - the top.

The Life of a Temp: A Poem

Coffee Automat - Helmut Guigo

It's been a while since we brought you something in verse. And be honest, when was the last time you read a poem? Fill the void in your literary world here.

Ms R Takes a Long Bath in Cyprus

Columbia Beach Resort

The bath was a deep, inviting stone affair. With the exception of two bottles of bubbles I was alone, reflecting on the randomness of life: sometimes you have the man but not the bath. I had the bath but not the men.

One Good Hobby = One Good Job

Rock Climbing - Guglielmo Losio

Why is it that, to be accepted for management jobs in a large bank or strategy consultancy firm, you have to have a special hobby. And reading celebrity autobiographies or shoe shopping doesn’t cut it. It has to be an extraordinary hobby.

Green Zone

Matt Damon in Green Zone

Matt Damon is the most versatile actor of our generation and continues to give one great performance after another.