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Bye-Bye, Sell Sell

Get Out of Jail Free Card

A dark room. Uncomfortable figures are seated in a semi-circle on plastic chairs, fiddling nervously with cups, jewelry or anything else that is close to hand. A man enters the room and smiles welcomingly, but receives only glassy stares in return. He nods at one of the hunched figures and motions for them to stand.

"Let the Sun Shine In..."

Hair The Musical

When you hear this song played, you automatically think of the 1960s, the decade of turmoil. Vietnam. Assassinations. War protests. You also think of the musical Hair, which originally premiered on Broadway and in the West End in 1968.

Employed Vs Unemployed

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Three months have gone by since I have re-entered the corporate world and discarded the mantle of a lady of leisure.

My Boss Is Lazy

Party Poker

Our manager does not work. We, meaning my 11 colleagues and I, are convinced that he does not perform actual work activities during the day. That is next to reading the newspaper and checking the performance of his enormous stock portfolio.

Brew Wharf - Borough Market

Brew Wharf

It was not so long ago that any London pub which specialised in ales and bitters tended to be frequented by people of a more 'earthy' nature. Criminals, in other words.

The Pope's Easter Dismissive

Easter Egg

Gusty winds and pouring rain in freezing temperatures. That would be Easter 2010 in London then. The BA and rail strikes were to follow, offering an equally optimistic outlook. So what's a Londoner to do?