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Art in London - A Mid-Year Review

London Elephant Parade

It's half-way through the year, and we have all been working anxiously to either keep our jobs or prove ourselves in our new ones. I was at the pub with work mates and the conversation turned to culture. Did we remember what it was?

Should I Stay On Paradise Island?

The Beach, Whitsunday Island - Sam Bloomfield

I am on vacation on paradise island. It is incredible here. And just like any other visit to an exotic place, after a few days, I never want to leave. I want to live here. Grow my own mango trees. Keep some chickens and be happy for the rest of my life.

Giant Robot - Clerkenwell

Giant Robot

For those of us brought up on a diet of 1950s Hollywood movies, the diner remains a powerful symbol of all things American. These shimmering stainless steel eating houses have made menu staples such as pancakes, French toast and grits, and bottomless cups of coffee as familiar to us as the traditional full English. By name at least.

Hedgie Misses Out On Madeira

Jardins Dos Lago

“I am off to Madeira.” I announced to the Hedgie. "There are two lovely hotels the PR people want me to review.” “I’ll pack my casual clothes,” he replied. “You’re not coming." “Why?” “Because you’re no fun anymore," I answered.

Do The Cannes-Cannes

Roma Ladder - Luis Lopez

Right this very moment, everyone who is anyone in the movie business is at the Cannes Film Festival. If you have never been to the bachannalia of all things film, then you have not been to the annual circus of the film industry, which is taking place this year from the 12th-23rd of May.