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Who's In the Power Seat Now?

Restaurant Maria MaraMoro - Diego RB

Is it just me, or do most of us have the same concerns when it comes to being seated in a restaurant? If I’m stuck in a seat I don’t like, it takes a huge amount of mental gymnastics to override my irritation. Positioning is paramount.

A Year Changes Everything

Calendar - Pawel Kryj

One year ago I could not get a job interview. Anywhere. I'd contacted all of my connections in banking after having been let go from the bank I'd worked for three times in the past six years. As the months ticked by, no one had a job for me, let alone an interview.

A Weekend in Leith, Edinburgh

Harbour - Ove Tøpfer

Staycations became the must-have holiday for credit-crunched city workers in 2009 and the trend shows no sign of dying as we enter the second half of 2010 (something that may satisfy and alarm our coalition government in equal measures).

Read, Write, Be Read

Hello My Name Is Sticker

Blogging is an easy way to put your written word out there, but finding readers isn't. So why not write for HITC Life? We can guarantee you'll be read.

Room at the Inn

Hotel Room - Niels Laan

It almost doesn’t matter what you are expecting when you arrive at a hotel. There is always an element of anticipation.



Roy Keane Book

The best sports books of 2014

Roy Keane and Kevin Pietersen provided titillation, while two wonderfully esoteric titles took the cycling book into uncharted territory. And then there was the Oscar Pistorius case…