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The Solar Revolution Mark 2

Devotec Solar Sound 2

When we reviewed the first generation of Devotec's Solar Sound last year the main faults we could find with the device were the position of the microphone, a slight gripe over the sound quality at high volume and some concerns over build quality. We're glad to report that with the Solar Sound 2 Devotec have incrementally improved the product and solved all those issues.

How to Be a Good Diner

Talk - Dora Pete

Mr Properly and I heard the woman at the next table before we saw her. "No, I don't want anymore water, and get rid of these plates - please." OK, so she said please, but the rest of it was pure vile.

Web TV for the Fabulous Foodie

Have your sources for restaurant recommendations gone a little stale? Get insider info on the best restaurants and hotels in Great Britain with a new web TV site guaranteed to stimulate the taste buds of even the most discriminating foodies.

Who's In the Power Seat Now?

Restaurant Maria MaraMoro - Diego RB

Is it just me, or do most of us have the same concerns when it comes to being seated in a restaurant? If I’m stuck in a seat I don’t like, it takes a huge amount of mental gymnastics to override my irritation. Positioning is paramount.

A Year Changes Everything

Calendar - Pawel Kryj

One year ago I could not get a job interview. Anywhere. I'd contacted all of my connections in banking after having been let go from the bank I'd worked for three times in the past six years. As the months ticked by, no one had a job for me, let alone an interview.



Roy Keane Book

The best sports books of 2014

Roy Keane and Kevin Pietersen provided titillation, while two wonderfully esoteric titles took the cycling book into uncharted territory. And then there was the Oscar Pistorius case…