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Steamrolling Old Ireland

Hunter's Hotel 3

This is an urgent appeal to all those of you who love the Ireland of old, the land  of people who smiled and had time, sat around a fire sorting out the problems of the world, had hearty food in surroundings that hadn’t changed for many years.

The Nutritionist: Winter Blues

Light 1 - Hans Thoursie

Seriously. How depressing is this? You're sitting in the office while it's pitch black outside, realising you still have to work three more hours, when all you want to do is cuddle up on your couch with a duvet and a big bowl of comfort food (usually found in forms of simple carbohydrates).

What A Feeling!


Flashdance spawned several hit songs and started a dance craze. Leg warmers and aerobics were all the rage. Margaret Thatcher was PM and Ronald Reagan was President, Tokyo Disneyland opened, and Nintendo went on sale in Japan. It was 1983.

The Apprentice

Bikram Yoga Poses

This morning I was attending a Bikram yoga class. Hyped by possibly the most scary fitness guru of all time (Madonna), Bikram yoga is more than your average stretching class for frutarians in harem pants. Bikram is boot camp. 

The Luxe, Smithfield Market

The Luxe

"It doesn’t get any better then this!" shouts TV Chef and entrepreneur John Torode on the Masterchef television show. But is he referring to his landmark bar/restaurant - the now legendary Smiths of Smithfields (SOS) - or the relative newcomer that is the Luxe in Spitalfieds?

The Nutritionist: Detoxmas

Lisa Wulf Nutritionist

In case you haven't noticed, there are only 58 days till Christmas. Now, that freaks me out a little bit (and I'm not just referring to all those upcoming over-indulgent client lunches, dinners, parties, mulled wines and mince pies). 

The Social Network

Timberlake and Eisenberg in The Social Network

Very recent history makes its way onto the big screen with The Social Network, documenting the birth of Facebook. Too soon? Not at all. Good? Too good to be true, in fact.



Taylor Swift

The Swift rise of Taylor, Inc.

Taylor Swift is known for many things: her chart-topping hits, a long list of ex-boyfriends among them. Now, she's carving out a name for herself as a multi-million dollar powerhouse.