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How to cook perfect beef stew

Ever since humanity first began to upgrade its culinary skills from cremating mammoth steaks over an open fire, slow-cooking has been a vital part of the thrifty cook's repertoire, transforming chewy, hard-working cuts of meat into melting, flavourful tenderness.

The Nightjar

The Nightjar Max Oppenheim

There's a certain glamour attached to the Prohibition era - the Charleston, gangsters, illegal speakeasies. In credit-crunched Britain, one could argue the time is rife for our own bit of '30s-style indulgence, and this is a challenge which Nightjar has taken up with aplomb.

Love is in the Air (Travel)

Four Seasons Florence

As you all know, Valentine's Day is full of flowers, chocolates, meals out, and cards. But what if you want to go beyond the standard, beyond the familiar? What could be a better gift than some romantic time away?

Sleeping With the Elephant

Angel Dear Elephant

Some use alcohol as an emotional crutch; others use food; and more still use religion. As for my son, his crutch comes in the form of a decapitated elephant head attached to a scrap of, admittedly very tactile, blue fabric.

Re: Valentine's Day

Four Seasons Park Lane

Darling. Please give me roses, chocolate and hearts on any day of the year - except Valentine's Day. Don't ignore it completely. Acknowledge it. Respect my feelings AND sweep me off my feet. Of course I don't expect you to read my mind! Here's how to do it.