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Bistrot Bruno Loubet

Bistrot Bruno Loubet Photo

The culture of the celebrity chefs is a recent, but now constant, feature of UK life. Those at the very top of the foodie chain enjoy considerable fame and fortune; perhaps not in the same league as actors and rock stars, but certainly on par with top footballers.

Online Dating: Insights & Realisations

The Bar Damien King

Research done by a Dutch dating site came up with some interesting points. Apparently, on a first date, men prefer women to be dressed casual rather than in a revealing outfit. I’m not sure whether this might be a Dutch thing, but it did make me wonder. What should you wear on a first date?

Two Floors in Soho

Two Floors Bar

One of the questions people often ask me is why I insist on focussing on City bars. After all, as these folks are quick to remind me, there are many great bars all over London which clearly I either haven’t been too, or simply haven’t heard of.

Biutiful [REVIEW]


In what is the most depressing movie of the year, Biutiful tells the story of a man who has very little time to live.



Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart

Is Jon Stewart a $100m Man?

As the entertainment world sheds a tear over the coming departure of Daily Show anchor Jon Stewart, Ross Levinsohn, former Yahoo interim CEO and board member of multiple of media companies, sees a potential opportunity. He says someone should pay Stewart a $100 million a year to bring the show direct to viewers.