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The dangers of classical philanthropy

A warning from Lucerne on the limits of private philanthropy: not content with establishing the world's most luxurious pick-up band, Claudio Abbado's Lucerne Festival Orchestra, and the world's most ambitious project to cement a performance practice of new music at the heart of young people's training – the Lucerne Festival Academy, led every year by Pierre Boulez and the Ensemble InterContemporain – the Lucerne festival and its artistic director Michael Haefliger plan to set up the world's most innovative auditorium for music theatre, the Salle Modulable.

London: Now Home to Great Brunch

Caravan Brunch

Brunch has become the most important weekend meal. It provides the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends, or to sit quietly on your own with the newspaper. In either case, it improves your quality of life.



Sawmill To Snowflake

Skiing Breckenridge: A Truly Epic Mix

Breckenridge wraps you in its powdery arms without even knowing your name. It makes you feel happy and a little dizzy, and knows you’ll treat it well. And sure enough, you start smiling at strangers, and stop to redeposit the coffee cup that blew out of the garbage.