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k.d. lang [REVIEW]

K D Lang And Her Band

What do you expect from a concert in the Royal Festival Hall starring k.d. lang, icon of gay people, loved for what seems like decades now, by those eager to be 'right on'?

Where to Go For a Naughty Night Out

Aqua Spirit Bar

Thinking about the weekend already? As a singleton about town, I've been checking out places to go. Discovering a hidden gem is all about looking hard - much like searching through the markets for that special find.

The Hangover 2 [REVIEW]

The Hangover Part II

We've seen it all before: Four guys, one about to get married, a bachelor party, somethings happens, the next day the guys wake up and don't remember the last 12 hours.

Bad News For Your Sweet Tooth

Sugar, Sugar Nadia Jasmine

A friend came to visit this weekend, and here's what she said: "No other article has impacted the way I eat as much as this one on sugar." This particular friend, like me, has a bit of a sweet tooth. So if she's saying this, it must be good. (Or bad, as the case may be.)

The Way [REVIEW]

Martin Sheen In The Way

A father pays homage to his recently deceased son by completing the journey his son never finished.