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One New Change Champagne Bar, St Pauls

The Champage Bar

It shows the regard in which we hold Champagne in that we so often use it to describe an aspirational lifestyle. By which, we normally mean hobnobbing with celebs at openings or private members club, dining at the finest restaurants, and travelling first class.

Always Jamaica

Round Hill Jamaica

Jamaica is an island where individuals come and never really leave. It has been an inspiration to Bob Marley, Ian Fleming and Noel Coward, and a place that Ralph Lauren escapes to at the weekend.

My Best Friend

To Say Goodbye Elke Oerter the loveliest, most elegantly turned out woman. She’s been offered, and has accepted, the most amazing job opportunity, and to top it all off is getting married to the love of her life. And now she is leaving London.

Beat the Bloat in Time for the Beach

Session On The Beach 4 Piotr Bizior Www Bizior Com

How did it happen? It’s already summer and your beach holiday is only a few days away and somehow you still haven’t managed to look your best in that little beach outfit.

The Perfect English Weekend

Fallowfields Country House Hotel

What do you need for the perfect English weekend? The countryside, ideally rolling, dotted with lush green fields and some dense woodland, and maybe a lake. You also need a cozy, but not stuffy, hotel, with good food and drink.

Courtyard at 51, 51 Buckingham Gate

51 Buckingham Gate

"Blame it on rain," sang the much derided (but for my money, grossly under-rated) Milli Vanilli. And that’s what was going through the mind of this bar reviewer as I braved monsoon conditions en route to St James' Park to attend the preview of 51 Buckingham Gate’s Summer Courtyard of Music.