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Restaurant in the Middle of Nowhere

Summer In The Countryside Bev Lloyd Roberts

One of my friends lives up in the middle bit of the country, and when we recently decided to get together, we decided on a point on the train line roughly between our respective abodes.

What Would Don Draper Do?


There is no problem that Don Draper can't fix. Here is a brilliant flow chart info-graphic brought to us by to help us mere mortals solve our problems the Don Draper way!

The Sun Walk

The Starting Line

On a fine day in July, the sun finally decided to show us it was still there. I was having a gentle amble around the Serpentine, when we were suddenly inundated with strange-looking women.

To-Do or Not To-Do

To Do List Kimberly Vohsen

I love to tick off to-do lists. Who doesn’t? I even like the movement of a V shape that my hand makes when ticking off another to-do.

11 Perfectly Timed Photos


Eleven of our favourite photographs from the extremely funny website Perfect to accompany your morning coffee.

The Chef's Table, Tetbury, Gloucestershire

The Chef's Table

For those of you who watch A Place in the Country (and the chances are that if you’re reading this, you probably do) will know that the Cotswolds rates highly as a destination for City types in search of a rural home. Commutable and chocolate box picturesque, this part of the country seems to encapsulate everything good about England, albeit in a very Richard Curtis way.