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Auditioning For the Olympics

Exp Strange Angels Nick Cowie

When it was announced that London would host the 2012 Olympics, I was just as excited as the rest of the country. I applied for as many tickets as possible (and got three events), and when the volunteer application process began, I signed right up. Somewhere along the way, I also signed up to volunteer at the Opening Ceremony.

McQueen, Shoreditch

McQueen Lounge

There are very few outlets in the UK that have not paid tribute to the actor, Steven McQueen. The King of Cool occupies an special place in the heart of British men of a certain age for reasons that are easy to understand.

Weekend [REVIEW]

Tom Cullen In Weekend

There have been so many crap love stories on the big screen this year that we have become numb to watching them. These recent films include Friends with Benefits, No Strings Attached, and all movies starring Jennifer Aniston.

Villa + Resort = Heaven

Villas From The Beach

I skimmed across the infinity pool overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Our housekeeper was doing the morning dishes. Our personal concierge was in town picking up things for dinner. My friends were reading, sleeping, and sunning beside the private pool. How could we make this forever? By moving into a villa at the resort, La Samanna.

No More Banking For This Writer

Splintered Memory Cover

Natascha Holloway spent six years working in Investment Banking Operations in London, Paris, and Singapore. But despite a good career, she handed in her notice to focus solely on becoming a full-time author. Her first novel, Splintered Memory, is now available for sale on Amazon.