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Tebowing: Not What You Think

No Kneeling Michal Zacharzewski

If you already know what Tebowing is, feel free to move on. If you're a bit unsure, stay with us. But be prepared: it's not anything like tea-bagging.

Village East, Bermondsey

Village East

Apparently, the last full weekend before Christmas is the busiest of the year. Restaurants, bars, and clubs are booked anything up to a year in advance in anticipation of a bit of pre-Xmas cheer, before the recession hits the wallets.

Blue Monday - Falsified

The Blue Monday Formula

Guess what? Today is Blue Monday - the most depressing day of the year. But don't worry, it's false, according to HITC Life's resident Maths PhD. (Bet you didn't think we had one of those, did you.)

The Artist [REVIEW]

The Artist

If you are looking to have a different cinema experience, one you have never had before, then go and see The Artist.


Elephant Stefan Vasilev

A call appears on the display of my iPhone. Little Blue Elephants. The daycare centre my baby is in.