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Forget the Original 'Dynamite'

Mike Tompkins Dynamite

We came upon Mike Tompkins while watching Candlelight, by the Maccabeats (Yeshiva University's glee club). While you can't really beat the Maccabeats video in any season, we have rather enjoyed getting to know Tompkins and his (pretty fancy) one-trick, multi-track pony.

Discovering The Art of Doing Stuff

Drilling Pepper Shakers From The Art Of Doing Stuff

If a blog keeps me for five minutes, it's worth mentioning. If it keeps me for 10, we should really try syndicating it. The Art of Doing Stuff kept me for 15, and now I'm writing about it so I can justify continuing to read it for another 20.

Ambar, ODEON, Swiss Cottage

ODEON Swiss Cottage

It’s funny how much going to the cinema has changed. What was once a visit to the 'pictures' to eat frozen ice creams and dodgy popcorn (while surrounded by hormonal teenagers trying to cop a snog) has transformed into a very grown-up night out.

The Taste of Austerity: Soup

White Beans Pablo Rios

I am eating soup that is so amazing that it's inspiring me to write something, just so I can talk about it. Never again will I throw away a Parmesan rind, and I will happily accept all rinds anyone would like to get rid of.

Shopping the Year Ahead

Vivienne Westwood AW2012

October’s fashion week saw the collections for the spring and summer, and February's, just passed, debuted Autumn/Winter. This means we can look forward to a pale, fairytale summer, followed by a more sultry style for winter.

The 4-Hour Body

4 Hour Body Cover

Four years ago, one of our writers covered the 4-Hour Work Week. Recently, the (somewhat hunky) author of the book returned with the 4-Hour Body. While we haven't applied many ideas from his first book, we (of course) like the idea of re-creating our bodies - and improving our well-being - in only four hours a week.