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The Taste of Auterity: Ingredients

Shallots Sxc Hu Ducky 2oo2

It never occurred to me to look for inexpensive ingredients. By cooking at home, I'm saving loads (and eating healthier). But I'm more than open to the idea of cheap ingredients that taste like a million bucks.

The Riding House Cafe, Fitzrovia

The Riding House Table

What a transformation. The Riding House Café is located in what was once the heartland of London’s rag trade, yet in its previous life it was anything but fashionable. A middle-of-the-road chain pub - and even more mundane Asian chain canteen - were its predecessors, with neither being in any way destination venues.

U and Non-U

Nancy Mitford's Blue Plaque

In this world of ostentatious living (where everything old is new again), let's remind ourselves of U and Non-U English usage. For what it's worth.

Mary Kantratzou and Longchamp

MK Longchamp Classic

We were going to pop Mary Kantratzou's bags for Longchamp on our Top 5 list, but they're so pretty, we felt they deserved an article of their own.

Car Colour Craziness

Car Icon 4 Svilen Milev

It seemed like everyone we knew in London had silver cars, and so did we. Now that I live in Toronto, I see the colour of choice is black. Nearly every luxury car and SUV on the road is black, and somehow, so is ours. But white is taking over. Do we have Apple to thank for this, too?

50 Shades of Embarrassing

Tool N Toy Oliver Gruener

My husband graciously let me sleep until 10:45am. When he woke me, he said with a smile: "How is you staying up until 4am reading 50 Shades of Grey different from me staying up all night watching porn? Which, by the way, I don't do."