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The Pact [REVIEW]

The Pact

Horror films all seem to follow the same plot; young people get killed one by one until the last person is left with the killer in a duel to the finish. The Pact, which opened in cinemas last week, is not so much a chased-by-a-killer film as a why-are-they-missing and who-done-it film.

Like Some Disgraced Cosmonaut


Poor Emily White. She didn't mean to cause such a sh*t storm with her post, I Never Owned Any Music To Begin With. But in talking about what music 'ownership' means to a 21-year old, she did.

Carom, Soho

Carom's Summer Garden

100 Wardour Street is a famous address in London. This is site of the original Marquee Club, which saw the first performances of the likes of Jimmy Hendrix and the Who.