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The London Paralympics

Alison Lapper Pregnant Opening Ceremony

Everyone seems to be talking about them; all the papers are full of the stories of these Olympians we've never heard of before. Is this just because it's going on in London? What’s happening?

The Top 10 Workout Songs For September

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Summer is officially over now and it is time to work off those extra pounds gained from all those BBQ's and beer garden visits. Here are this months top workout tunes guaranteed to get you back out there pounding those pavements ......

Your Grill: The Last Hurrah

Baby Lamb Andrew Petrie

Technically, there are 19 days until autumn begins. Realistically, there are 0-40. So make the most of your last, blissful days at the grill.

Max Bygraves Obituary


There was never much intellectual cachet in being an admirer of Max Bygraves. True, he was at one time, at £500,000 a year, Britain's highest-paid performer. But critics were at best patronisingly receptive and the intelligentsia tended to grope for the off switch whenever he was on radio or TV.




Rosewater (Review)

Television funny man John Stewart makes an impressive directorial debut in a film based on real life events.