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Sweet Waitrose Tweets

Waitrose Stratford

Really, no business would be safe asking an open-ended question. So should Waitrose be surprised by the answers they received to the question, "I shop at Waitrose because_______________?" We think not.

Jack Daniel's and I

Candied Bacon Jack Daniels Cocktail

When I was 10, I took my first trip to the Jack Daniel's Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee. By the time I was 16, I'd rediscovered Mr Jack, and made my second trip.

Drugs and Art


OK SO this is not the first time an artist has taken drugs, and then done a self-portrait. But perhaps it's the first time it's so conveniently placed on one single website.

No Longer Single in the City

Couple In Love Svilen Milev

Remember me? The one who was adamant after a few months that this whole online dating lark was never going to amount to anything? That it was an interesting experience, but really not for her? Yeah, I remember her too, but I may have to revise my opinion just ever so slightly.

How to be a Pole Dancer

Pole Dancing School London

Times are moving swiftly. What was once deemed a socially taboo form of entertainment, indulged in only by the rich or the famous (or bankers), usually under the cover of darkness, is now mainstream family fun.

La Bodega Negra, Soho

La Bodegra Negra

Mexican food is fashionable. There: I’ve said it. I never thought I would write those words, much less believe them, but Mexican dining is very cool right now.

The iPhone 5

The IPhone 5

We doubt you missed it, but it's hitting the stores in two weeks. And here's what makes it different...

Impress Your Dates & Mates: Contrails & Wake Turbulence

Airplane Contrail In MN

A few weeks ago, I watched a solid, white airplane trail remain visible while the plane flew over my head heading from east to west. I tried to tell my husband what I was seeing, but I couldn't remember what it was called. "A contrail, you mean?" he asked. Yes, that. Clearly I have something to learn here.