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Opening the Chat Room Door


Dear Mr & Mrs Properly: Please don’t laugh, but I went into a chat room the other day. I hadn’t been in a chat room for at least 15 years, and boy have things changed. I feel like I need a handbook for modern-day chat room etiquette. Any interest in putting one together for me? Signed, Slightly Embarrassed

HBO's Girls: Uncomfortably Familiar

The Cast Of Girls

At the urging of one of my best friends, who I met in my mid-20s in New York, I finally sat down to start this series last Friday night. I loved three episodes in a row, and left my girlfriend a message thanking her for getting me to watch it. Then I started avoiding it.

The Top 10 Workout Songs For November

Autumn Joggers

Ok so party season is almost upon us, and some of us need a bit of help to get into that little sparkly number and others just want to get Christmas dinner "match fit"! So here are this month's top 10 songs to help you get more from your workout ....