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The Bodyguard [REVIEW]

The Bodyguard West End

When you think of the film The Bodyguard, you can't help but think of Whitney Houston and the amazing soundtrack. The West End Production of The Bodyguard has just opened up at the Adelphi Theatre, and will surely keep the memory of Houston alive.

Cheers! Wall Street Holiday Cocktails

Candied Bacon Jack Daniels Cocktail

Before we go off the 'fiscal cliff', or before at least some taxes rise to avoid it, here are ways Wall Street is bracing for the new year. It's the annual list of finance-related cocktails created by Cognito, a financial marketing and PR firm.

Rediscovering Jo Malone

Jo Malone Colognes

You would be forgiven for thinking I'm talking about Jo Malone's new foray into the fragrance world. It would make sense. But I'm not. I'm talking about the classic black and creme, which has far more going on than I ever knew.