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Worst Ideas of 2012: The Onesie

Cheryl Cole on The X-Factor

Fashion, as Coco said, does not happen in a vacuum but reflects the times in which we live. In other words: you can't blame fashion for the onesie. In fact, fashion holds you responsible.

Pop Facts From The 2012 Charts

2012 Calendar

The expletive-ridden underground rap hit 212 by Azealia Banks sold more copies (383,000) than Wings, the big comeback single from X Factor winners Little Mix (372,000).

Thunderbirds Creator Gerry Anderson Dies Aged 83


Gerry Anderson, best known as the creator of Thunderbirds, has died at the age of 83. The film and television producer, whose credits also included the puppet shows Captain Scarlet and Joe 90 had suffered for several years with mixed dementia and died in his sleep, his son announced on Wednesday.

The Best Music of 2012

MIA Bad Girls

Welcome to the week between Christmas and New Year's. We have 10 videos below for you to watch, so with that, your two hour lunch, and Pinterest, you'll get through the workday no problem.