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Sonny's, Barnes

Sonny's In Barnes

Different parts of London create different expectations. The City is structured, macho, and expensive. Soho: dishevelled, creative and media. Shoreditch is stylised, design-led, and pretentious. Simplistic and bordering on stereotyping? Absolutely. But time and again, restaurants assume the persona of their locale. It’s logical when you think about it. So when we went to review a restaurant in leafy Barnes, we had very different expectations.

Is Stress Killing You ?


This info-graphic helps you to identify the symptoms of stress and suggests some simple ways to de-stress - some more appealing than others!

Good On You, Summly Teen Founder

Summly Screenshot

It's impossible not to love this story: a Wimbledon teenager who released a newsreader app called Summly in November of last year just sold it to Yahoo for £18. (Or maybe as much as £40.)