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The Earl Derby, Kilburn

The Earl Derby

Kilburn is an area that has 'form'. By which I mean that its reputation precedes it, and not in a good way. This is because, much like my own stomping ground of Brixton, Kilburn has developed a reputation for being a little bit rough around the edges.

Could your five-year-old be the next Bill Gates ?

Bill & Melinda Gates 2009

Children as young as five will begin learning computer coding next year as part of a shake-up of the U.K.'s national curriculum, but the move is as much about giving British education an edge as it is about plugging a talent gap in the computing and technology sectors.

Sophia Loren wins tax case after 40 years

Sophia Loren

It was 1974, the year Sophia Loren starred alongside Richard Burton in Vittorio de Sica's final film, The Voyage (Il Viaggio). It was also the year that marked the start of an almost four-decade battle with the Italian tax authorities – a battle that has finally ended.

Captain Phillips [REVIEW]

The Captain Phillips Pirates

We've all seen the trailers for the new movie Captain Phillips. But Captain Phillips is so much more than a film about a hijacked ship.