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JFK's 50th in Film


November 22nd marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Two films released this week, one a dramatic retelling of that day (Parkland), and another a documentary on Lee Harvey Oswald (Killing Oswald), are must sees.

Asian donors: This two-year-old needs you


Gaurav Bains is 2 years old, and in June this year, was diagnosed with a rare blood condition that, without an urgent bone marrow transplant, will develop into an aggressive form of Leukaemia.

Drinking Buddies [REVIEW]

Wilde And Johnson In Drinking Buddies

Sometimes when you see a film you know very little about, it lets you down. But in the case of the new film Drinking Buddies, the opposite was true for me. It is a delightful movie.