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After a falling out with his record label, a disappointing reception for his latest album, World Peace Is None Of Your Business, and a bout of poor health, Morrissey is finally on the up.

Kate Bush returns: the view from the front seats

Kate Bush

Dame Fortune smiled and my Kate Bush ticket turned out to be a winner. Recklessly purchased for the price of a colour-TV licence, it placed me at the final frontier 'twixt artist and audience, on the borderline between the mundane and the magical. The front row.

Brewing better beer than the pros

Beer Glass

In the 70s it was all about making cheap beer and saving money. But Britain's new wave of homebrewing aficionados are giving professional breweries a run for their money



Dirty Grandpa

Dirty Grandpa (MOVIE REVIEW)

New lows for both Robert DeNiro and Zac Effron in this funny but awful film full of male nudity (Effron), spanking the monkey (DeNiro) and lots and lots of sex talk (again by DeNiro!)

Rye Bread

How to make the perfect rye bread

There is no reason the Scandis should call dibs on this distinctive, flavoursome loaf, so here is a recipe for a simple, everyday rye. But should you mix this hardy grain with another flour? And what is the right way to get a good rise?