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Gene Wilder obituary

Gene Wilder in Amsterdam

After more than 30 years in show business, the frizzy-headed comic actor Gene Wilder, who has died aged 83, was most associated with his second film role, that of Leo Bloom, the hyperneurotic accountant in Mel Brooks’ comedy The Producers (1967). It established Wilder’s screen persona – an initially well-balanced individual transformed by even the most minor crisis into a whining bundle of nerves.


Upstairs At The Washington

The Washington, Primrose Hill

What is it with people that complain about the weather in this country? Winter is either too cold or not cold enough for snow, while summers are either too wet, or too hot.

Stefan Boehm From Goose

Sleeping Beauties For This Former Banker

Once upon a time in a land far away (Germany), a woman who knew how to make pillows and duvets moved to the UK. Many years later (35) in a much closer place (London), her grandson quit his job in the City, rediscovered the family art, and called it Goose.

Mike Tompkins Dynamite

Forget the Original 'Dynamite'

We came upon Mike Tompkins while watching Candlelight, by the Maccabeats (Yeshiva University's glee club). While you can't really beat the Maccabeats video in any season, we have rather enjoyed getting to know Tompkins and his (pretty fancy) one-trick, multi-track pony.