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Sujith's Boat

A Riverside Massage

On holiday, you get a massage by the sea. Admittedly it's a bit colder in London - but that doesn't mean a (very good and reasonable) waterside massage can't be yours.

Bridget Jones

Bridget Jones's Baby review: Zellweger excels in fun romp heavy with expectation

“Sell-by dates don’t mean anything ... do they?” Bridget Jones is talking about the eco-friendly biodegradable condoms she bought ages ago, and with which she has suddenly ended an aeon-long sex famine by using twice, on getting suddenly lucky with two chaps within a few days: dishy online dating expert (Patrick Dempsey) and her old smoulderer, the unexpectedly single Mark Darcy (Colin Firth).

Hanks And Thompson In Saving Mr Banks

Inferno review – a load of flaming nonsense

Purgatorio is closer to it. Something bad is happening, not the full Inferno, but it could be the gateway to the Paradiso of this fantastically boring film actually coming to an end. After 121 theologically unfathomable minutes.