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Top Tips for Single Guys

Self - Ruben 'Le Diable'

It is clearly a priority for most men to find that special someone, but despite all the expense, most men are getting it wrong. Lisa Bathurst of Urbanity, the exclusive men's lifestyle consultancy, returns with some advice.

Smart People Drink More

Poison - H Berends

People, tread carefully. "So that's why I'm such a lush!" "I always thought I was bright...." But let's not disguise the fact: Smart people (OK, all people, and especially women) should know better.

Girls Night With A Purpose

Sparks Logo

Girls Night is important. And a Girls Night with a purpose? Even better. Come laugh with your girlfriends and support Sparks (Sport Aiding Medical Research for Kids), Deutsche Bank's charity of the year - all within walking distance of your City office.

Playing the Markets, Playing the Field

"People today know the price of everything and the value of nothing." As true today as it was when Wilde said it. Watch the value, watch the price, watch for the difference, exploit it. That's your happy profit just there.

Swap Plastic for Clever, Stylish Totes

Rosablue Bag

You know those plastic carrier bags are bad. If you get a second use out of them, then you're one step ahead. What about eliminating them completely, and carrying hip cloth shoppers that tell the world how stylish and sensitive you are?

Double Housework, No Kids

Vintage Cake Topper - CL Shearin

Last month I read an article about what makes a successful marriage, and how that's changed over the years, especially in two main areas. The takeaway? Kids aren't required, but a helping hand around the house is.