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A Monk in the City

Mind the Gap - Suserl

When Zen started to trickle through to the West in the last century, it was in the traditional Japanese sense. Monastic living, away from the hurly burly, dudes in robes with bald heads. But as Zen has taken root in the West, something new is forming.

37, Male, Former Hot Commodity

Thermometer - Aman Anderson

In which a structured credit specialist contemplates how his star has sunk from Stallone in Rocky to Stallone in Stop or My Mom Will Shoot in less than a year.

The Downside of P.rn

Porn Shop -

Mr XXX has become too reliant on porn. His girlfriend, Miss XXX, has had enough. What's a couple to do? Consult the Soul Sister, of course.

Bear Stearns - The Best Bargain in Town?

Sale Sign - JM Griffin

The news that JPM is buying Bear Stearns got us thinking about bargains - a topic we know plenty about - because we (like this whole nation) love a good bargain. But what makes a good bargain, and can you instantly recognise one? 

Are You Fit or Fat?

BMI - Men

Spring is in the air, and you know what that means. Short skirts, short sleeves and trips to places involving bathing suits are just around the bend. In case you lost the motivation you found at New Year's, let these charts inspire you to get it back.

Efficient Dating with Workday Quickies

Lovestruck London Logo

Sick of Match? You're not alone - although we do love the Cupid & Fate ad campaign. Here's another option: find someone who works near you, then meet up with them this lunchtime - or after work - or, hell, during work (their suggestion, not ours).