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Market Bust - Baby Boom

Love Actually

Have you noticed an increasing number of pregnant women around the office? Could this potentially be directly linked to the market downturn?

(Learn to) Love Thy Employer

Carousel Horse - Mike Coombes

Imagine you get on a carousel and suddenly you realise you are going to be stuck on the horse you picked for the rest of your (working) life. Welcome to the Finance Industry in 2008.

Monk and the Office Rottweiler

Brindle - Gary Scott

One day after listening to a sermon on endless compassion, a monk walked home from his teacher's house. In high spirits, he saw a stray dog and bent down to stroke it. The dog bit off his finger.

The Smug Couple

Couple - Paulo Correa

Sick of receiving dinner invitations, then over the dinner table receiving that dreaded smile from the 'smug couple' with the words: "Are you really happy being single?"

Run, Don't Walk, to Work

Jogging - Iwan Beijes

Four months in and I almost admitted defeat. Not only had I stopped going; I had cancelled the gym membership several weeks back. And while I am £40 better off each month in my pocket, I am 14 pounds worse off around the waist.

Getting It On (the Tube)

So close, the smell of their aftershave invites you closer. Touching but not. An inadvertant brush of body parts, an adventure in your head. The new extremes of freakishness.