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From Lawyer to Travel Goddess

Rena Guseynova

After spending five years in the City as a solicitor and travelling extensively for work, the next step was easy for Rena Guseynova - a travel business for what she had been: a time-poor professional.

S.x After Office Hours

Life in Hotels - Victor Silkin

Office affairs have been around since before there were offices. They are tempting, expedient and dangerous. Unfortunately, those few moments of pleasure can have long lasting consequences.

Please Relieve Me, Let Me Go

The Perfect Escape - Ben Shafer

The work ethic of Ebenezer Scrooge appears alive and well in Scotland. The Scotsman reports that meat supplier Brown Brothers has recently negotiated a small pay increase with its workforce in exchange for a Dickensian agreement whereby employees only visit the loo at set times.  

When the Baby Isn't Yours

Piercing Eyes -

Mr Properly and I went to a BBQ this weekend. Chicken burgers, Uncle Fred's cole slaw, Whole Foods two-bite brownies. And a lesson in how not to handle someone else's child. Except for in this instance, the child was ours.

You, Me, the Buddhas and Bruce Lee


One of the first people to bring Eastern ideas West in the form of stunning entertainment was Bruce Lee. There probably isn’t a child of the '70s or '80s who hasn’t indulged in a bit of pretend Kung fu and the mind blowing noises he used to make dispatching the enemy.

Laid Off, But Still a Man

Hands - Grzegorz Kozakiewicz

The boyfriend has lost his job and you're not sure how to handle it. How much support is the right amount so that he doesn't feel emasculated? Ms R is no stranger to recessions, and one thing she knows is that if it's about money, it's ultimately about self-esteem.