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Be Careful Who You Work For

City 6 - Steve Woods

As experienced by Lehman employees, working for an investment bank means you are bearing counterparty risk to your employer. Will this be the next flight to quality?

Making Room to Read

Leaving Microsoft to Change the World

With nothing but disaster abounding in the financial world, I recently had the pleasure of reading a book which not only restored my confidence that somewhere in the world lives are being positively improved, but also flashed me back to my travels to South East Asia.

Happiness and Its Causes

Smile - Aleksandra P.

I returned from my holiday in the sun fully expecting a few days of lovely relaxation and gentle meditation at the Second Annual European Conference on Happiness and its Causes. But what I got was an incredibly compact program, exhaustive and stressful. And great.

Mail That Thank You, Sir!

Writing - Pedro Simao

Mr. Properly and I almost got in a row about thank you notes after our last article. "Surely there are some times you would do it," I continued. But he insisted again, "No, men do not send thank you notes. Ever."

The Intern's Perspective

Suburban Train - Jon Wisbey

On the first day of my three-month business internship, I met and instantly liked my jaunty and probably ex-Eton boss. I was also introduced to a white board listing the names and roles of the people I'd be working with, including my own - a concept which surprised me, given my coffee making/nail filing preconceptions.

Finance: Please Get Off the Front Page

Investing 1 - Thomas Picard

For weeks, the headlines have been dominated by predominantly bad news about bank failures and market turmoil. Could we all please just go back to our old ways of making money in secret and without a lot of fuss?

Everything Changes But You, Monk

Take That - Everything Changes

So sang Take That back in the mid-90s. But the sad fact is Take That were wrong (on a number of levels, depending on your view of boy bands). You've got to go with George Harrison instead when it comes to making sense of the credit crunch. All things must pass.